About Me

Telling stories has been a passion of mine since I was seven. My mother bought me a marble covered composition notebook, and I filled the pages with family history as passed down by anyone in my household who was willing to share a tale. Unfortunately, the notebook is gone, but I remember every story. In fact, these stories from childhood became the inspiration for my first novel.

After graduating with a degree in English from Rutgers-Newark, I taught high school English in Newark, NJ for thirteen years.

My creative nonfiction essays, focused on mental health awareness and relationships, have been published on Thought Catalog. I have also contributed a variety of flash fiction and poetry to The Lorelei Signal, On Mogul, and Vocal Media.

Aside from writing and teaching, I’m an avid traveler who has spent many summers in the mountains of northern Portugal. When I’m not floating around Europe by boat, train, or plane, I live in New Jersey with my husband, Mark, and our poorly behaved cat, Nora.

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